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ISO 9001 quality management system

Six Logic consulting is a professional management and business consulting organization, offering, easily accessible, cost effective and innovative consulting solutions to local and international clients related to:

ISO management system development, implementation, auditing and maintenance and Process analysis, measurement and improvement through the application of LEAN and LEAN Six Sigma methodologies.

Many companies and businesses have been discouraged from implementing ISO systems, or engage in process improvement initiatives, due to the perception that these systems and initiatives are complex, costly, requires significant effort and resources and takes months or years to complete.

Six Logic Consulting aims to break down these perceptions and barriers by supplementing the traditional concept of consulting with effective and cost efficient remote and once-off consulting options.

The value and effectiveness of the traditional face-to-face consulting and relationship building model is undisputable and will always be part of a professional service offering.  

However, recent times have clearly demonstrated that alternative and innovative consulting and auditing options are available, and have proven to be similarly effective in providing consulting services in a professional and personalised way. 

Simple, Efficient, Effective

The Six Logic VISION is to empower businesses to succeed in achieving their strategic objectives through simple, efficient and effective management systems and processes tailored to their individual needs.

Our MISSION is to provide simple solutions that can be understood in any context, that are efficient in resources and effort, and that are effective in achieving the desired outcomes and objectives.

By offering face-to-face and remote consulting options, any business can have access to cost effective and professional consulting services that caters to their unique requirements and budget.

At Six Logic consulting, we see any client project or engagement as an opportunity to establish a long-term relationship.

Our unique skills and capabilities put us in an ideal position to be your business partner in ISO system consulting and process optimization as your business grows and evolves into the future.     

To ensure you, our client, receive only the best service, Six Logic Consulting only makes use of consultants that: