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Lean vs. Six Sigma vs. ISO 9001

LEAN vs. Six Sigma

vs. ISO 9001

Although LEAN, Six Sigma and ISO 9001 can be implemented or applied separately, all three are also complimentary as they are three customer-focused quality methodologies that are underpinned by a requirement for continual improvement, a requirement and feature that is part of any well-functioning process or management system. The below table provides more clarity:

ISO 9001LEANSix Sigma
FocusEstablishing a management systemEnhancing process efficiencyEnhancing process effectiveness
Aim / OutputA set of policies and procedures that guides and standardises the activities and actions of the organizationReducing process waste to enhance speed in production, cycle time, setup, change overs etcImproved process performance through elimination of defects and continuous improvement
ApproachPDCA8 WastesDMAIC
Is a business management system
Is an improvement methodology
Certifiable by a 3rd party.
Managed on a project basis
Is incorporated into the daily activities of the organization
Considers business and process planning
Requires process definition
Involves monitoring & measurement of processes
Identifies and manages continuous improvement opportunities