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What is LEAN?

LEAN is all about the elimination of waste and the removal of non-value adding activities from the process to ensure maximum value-add to the customer.

There are 8 wastes that makes a process less efficient. It is remembered by using the term” DOWNTIME”:

D = Defects

O = Overproduction

W = Waiting

N = Non-utilized skills

T = Transfer / Transportation

I = Inventory

M = Motion

E = Excess processing

The LEAN methodology is simple to understand and apply, but can significantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your processes:

Let Six Logic Consulting help improve your processes

Six Logic Consulting can map, analyse and help identify ways to improve your processes to ensure it delivers optimal value add without any unnecessary steps or wastes.

LEAN can also be incorporated into the ISO 9001 journey, achieving both system development as well as process definition and optimization in one go.